is viagra over the counter

Erectile dysfunction has engulfed many men in its ambit. Although, it doesn’t have a cure but erectile dysfunction can be treated well by Viagra. Viagra is a FDA approved ED drug, which in particular is meant for usage by men. Viagra is also termed as PDE 5 inhibitors as its works by hindering the functioning of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes present in the body.

Viagra is a well-tolerated drug by majority of its users. But like every other drug, Viagra side effects can be experienced by some users as a result of bodily changes to this medication. Some of the most common Viagra side effects can be enlisted as:

Stuffy nose
Stomach upset
Back pain
Muscle aches
These side effects usually evade in a short passage of time with continual of is viagra over the counter medication. Incase, these side effects become bothersome or prolong, ask for immediate medical assistance.

Although rare, but priapism can be experienced by usage of Viagra drug. Priapism can be understood as a painful and potentially damaging medical situation, where the erect penis doesn’t come back to its flaccid state. This condition persists despite the nonexistence of both physical and psychological stimulation within a span of four hours. It necessitates an urgent medical supervision by a qualified medical practitioner to avoid long-term injury.

Some men may also encounter a sudden dwindle or loss of vision. Incase you experience a sudden dwindle or loss of vision, discontinue Viagra medication and ask for immediate medical assistance.

is viagra over the counter
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